Templating Nanostructures for Spintronic Devices

Giovanni Zangari (U. Va.) and Jie Gong

Electrochemical processing of Al films on Si for the fabrication of templates for the growth of spintronic nanostructures yields a wealth of nanostructured morphologies. For example, we have recently demonstrated that anodization and selective etching of Al/Ta/Si produces oxide nanocones and nanorings on bare Si. Selective electrodeposition inside the rings for the additive fabrication of nanostructures should be possible.

We have demonstrated in addition that single copper nanowires can be fabricated by pulsed electrodeposition into etched aluminum oxide templates. A mushroom copper nanostructure overgrown over the aluminum oxide – which was etched away – is shown in the figure below. Such structure should enable a facile contact to the copper nanowire
for transport measurements.