High School Interns 2007

Nanoscience and Engineering High School Research Interns

For the 4th summer the Center for Materials for Information Technology provided a summer research experience for high school students. The students joined a multidisciplinary teams consisting of faculty, post docs and graduate students from the departments of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Chemistry, Physics and Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. They conducted basic research in the ALD of hafnium oxide films (Butler), a biocapacitor containing photosystem I, (Cain), ultrahigh surface area Ni foams (Cook), a robotic manipulator for an ultrahigh vacuum deposition system (Howell), atom probe tomography of stainless steel wire (Purser and Tippey), new magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia therapy (Romanczuk and Zhang), and an integrated optical device for detecting explosives. In addition to the network of support provided by the senior members of the MRSEC team, Chris Redden ( a chemistry graduate student assisted the students in learning about basic research and obtaining x-ray diffraction and magnetometry data. The interns ended the summer with A Minisymposium by the Nanoscience and Engineering High School Research Interns, where they presented their research results in a poster session.

The high school interns were sponsored in part by the NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center award DMR 02-13985 and the Office of the Provost at the University of Alabama.