High School Interns Named Semifinalists in National Science Competitions

The Center for Materials for Information Technology at the University of Alabama provides a summer research experience for high school students through its Nanoscience and Engineering High School Internship Program. Mr. Christopher D. Romanczuk (from the Randolph School in Huntsville) and Mr. Mike W. Zhang (from the Alabama School of Math and Sciences in Mobile) worked in the laboratories of Christopher S. Brazel (Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering) and David E. Nikles (Department of Chemistry) on magnetic particles for magnetic fluid hyperthermia therapy, a potential new form of cancer therapy. Chris Romanczuk worked on FePt and CuNi alloy nanoparticles, while Mike Zhang worked on FeNiPt nanoparticles. Both sought to understand the effect of magnetic anisotropy on the efficiency of ac magnetic field heating of the particles in aqueous solution. Chris entered the Siemens Competition and was the only person from the State of Alabama to be named a semifinalist. Mike entered the Intel Science Talent Search and was just named a semifinalist, the only one from the State of Alabama.

The Nanoscience and Engineering High School Internship Program was been supported in part by the NSF
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center award DMR-0213985 and the Office of the Provost of the
University of Alabama.