Open Campus Event: Northridge High School

Northridge High School students’ campus visit

Y. Bao (Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering), M. Bakker (Chemistry), P. LeClair (Physics & Astronomy), C.K.A. Mewes (Physics & Astronomy), T. Mewes (Physics & Astronomy), J. Lumzy (High School Program Coordinator)

Thursday, April 26, 2012


One hundred twenty students from Northridge High School in Tuscaloosa came to the campus of the University of Alabama on Thursday April 26th 2012.  As one part of their visit to the University of Alabama the students attended presentations given by MINT faculty members Patrick LeClair and Martin Bakker. The students also visited the MINT center and attended an introduction to the type of research done at the MINT center.

Through the MINT Open Campus Events the MINT center strives to strengthen its ties with the community, the schools, and most importantly the students of the Tuscaloosa area.