Ms. Kayla Cole is recipient of NASA Space Grant Fellowship

  • May 1st, 2018
  • in News

​Material Science Graduate Student, Ms. Kayla Cole, is the recipient of a NASA Space Grant Fellowship.  Ms. Cole and her advisor, Prof. Claudia Mewes (Department of Physics & Astronomy), are part of a larger NASA funded collaboration on “Micro-Magnetic driven Design of Multi-Component Magnetic Alloys for Advanced Electric Propulsion”.  This new effort will assist the nation in the transition from primary fossil fuel to low-carbon propulsion technologies using such options as turboelectrics, which significantly reduce fuel burn as compared to current aircraft.  The project is a collaboration between the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (Prof. Greg Thompson) and the Department of Physics & Astronomy (Profs. Claudia and Tim Mewes) and is hosted at the multidisciplinary MINT center at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.  In her winning proposal, Ms. Cole’s research will focus on the functional design aspect and will use a combination of first principles calculations and micromagnetic simulations to guide the experimental teams at the MINT center and at NASA’s Glenn Research Center (Dr. Ron Noebe).