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GRANDIS INC. has joined the MINT Center.

We are happy to announce that GRANDIS INC. has joined the MINT cooperate sponsor  as of October 5, 2010.

Grandis is the pioneer in developing and licensing innovative non-volatile memory solutions derived from cutting-edge research in spintronics.

Takao Suzuki Honored

Professor Suzuki, Director of the Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT) has received the 2010 Society Award of the Magnetics Society of Japan. The award is for contributions to the developments of magnetic and magneto-optical recording materials and technologies, and also to the globalization of the Magnetic Society.  The award is the highest ranked prize.  Dr. Suzuki is now the president-elect of the IEEE Magnetics Society, and will be the president as of January, 2011.  He is an IEEE Fellow.

Tabatha Jarnagin passes away unexpectedly

Tabatha Jarnagin passed away unexpectedly on February 21. Tabatha joined the MINT Center in May of 2004. For the past several years she managed the MINT office and generally made sure that the important things got done, i.e. that people were paid, reports were written, etc. She was an extremely hard worker and a faithful and effective advocate for the center and the university. She was loved and will be missed by everyone at the MINT Center.

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