The Center supports four types of outreach activity for elementary, middle and high school science.

Computer Games to Learn Science

For middle school students we have developed computer games designed to teach components of middle school sciences in the areas of biology, earth sciences and physical sciences. These can be played over the Internet and accessed at this link. These games have been developed by undergraduate students supported by the MRSEC and by students participating in the Computer Based Honors program at the University.

Research Experiences for Teachers

The Center also has a Research Experiences for Teachers program in which middle and high school science teachers are supported for 8 weeks during the summer and work in the laboratory of a faculty member. For more information about this program please contact: Martin Bakker, MINT Education Coordinator.

Inquiry Based Science Activities

As part of this research experience the teachers involved has developed activities for use in middle and high school. The computer games were one such activity. More recently they have developed an inquiry based learning activity focused on the use of detergents as soft templates for micro and nanostructures. The handouts for this activity are available below in pdf format.

Teacher Support/Scientist in Your Classroom

The Center is also interested in partnering with Tuscaloosa area schools, and will be happy to provide hands on activities for local schools. This includes faculty and students to supervise the activity and/or to carry out an activity. Please contact Martin Bakker, MINT Education Coordinator, if you are a teacher or educator interested in having such an activity at your school.