Durham Magneto Optics NanoMOKE3

  • June 27th, 2014
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The NanoMOKE3offers high performance laser magnetometry and near video-rate Kerr microscopy.

It is sensitive to the longitudinal, transverse and polar magnetooptical Kerr effects and is ideally suited to measuring the magnetic properties of thin magnetic films and magnetic nanostructures.

  • Solid State Laser Diode (660 nm)
  • Smallest detectable changes: 0.02% (Reflectivity), 0.5 mdeg (Polarization)
  • 2 μm laser spot achievable
  • Galvanometric mirrors for rastering
  • Longitudinal and polar measurements
  • Fields up to 0.12 T (quadpole), 0.46 T (dipole)

Current location: Bevill 0006