HPC Facilities

  • August 6th, 2012
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System Configuration

The MINT HPC contains 12 Dell 1U servers. Each systems has dual E5520 Xeon processors with 4 cores each and 24 GB of memory. The nodes are connected through dual 1GB Ethernet switches to a login node with 48GB of memory and 2.5TB of useable disk space. The systems run 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

The system uses Platform LSF for job management. All jobs run on the HPC must be submitted through the LSF job scheduler, any user found running jobs outside this system is subject to account termination.

The system is accessed by logging into hpc.mint.ua.edu with a secure shell client.

A detailed listing of compilers and programs available for HPC use can be found here.


Logging In

Logging in to the system is restricted to on-campus access only. To access the system from off campus you must log in using UA’s VPN server. Instructions are located here. To log in from a Windows machine you must use an SSH client, and for this we recommend using PUTTY.

File Systems

As a user your home directory is located in /home/username. This space is your primary location for data storage on the system and has a limit of 4GB of storage and is regularly backed up. There is also a /data sub-directory in each users home directory. This space is suitable for large data sets and has a 50GB limit on storage, however it is not backed up in any way. Please store important data on your local desktop. It is each user’s responsibility to make sure they have backed up their own data. If you require more space in either /home or /data please send an e-mail to hpc@mint.ua.edu with your request.

Each compute node also has scratch space available in /scratch. This area is to be used if you require fast local storage on each node while you job is running. Please have any code you write remove your temporary files at the end of each run. Do not use the /scratch space on each node for storing files, as the nodes are subject to re-imaging at any time.


Additional Help

For assistance with items that are not addressed in this document, please contact hpc@mint.ua.edu.