Welcome to the MINT Center Facilities!

If you wish to become a user  please read and follow our guidelines carefully. 

Important information on user fees and hourly rate tiers! (link)

For further information please contact the Facilities Manager Dr. Michael Buettner (mbuettner@mint.ua.edu).

Instrument Training Material

For future reference or user self-study you can find the training material on this page.

Instruments User Groups

In a effort to foster communication and dissemination of information between users we created mailing list-based user groups.

Please contact the Facilites Manager if you’d like to join them.

Available user groups

  • MINT XRD Users
  • MINT AFM Users

MINT Lab Supply / Chemicals

We provide a range of lab supply items and chemicals for all MINT-affiliated research groups


Equipment available at the MINT Center

Please refer to the Central Analytical Facility (CAF) for SEM, TEM, LEAP, FIB.



High Performance Computing