Instrument Fees

Each instrument comes with a per hour usage fee that will be charged to the user’s projects. The user rate distinguishes between MINT-funded projects and MINT non-funded projects.

Equipment Hourly Rate(MINT-funded) Hourly Rate(MINT non-funded)
Philips XRD $4 $10
Rigaku XRD $4 $10
AGM $4 $10
AFM $4 $10
VSM $4 $10
PPMS Dynacool $10 $20
Vacuum Annealer $4 $10
Nano-MOKE $4 $20
Kratos Axis Ultra DLD $7 $15


The the ICS box on the paperwork used to set up a grant at UA will determine the tier a user (or rather the associated ARMS project) is in. By checking this box and choosing MINT as the associated center some portion of the UA overhead will go to MINT. The account does not necessarily need to be handled by MINT, the checked ICS box is the determining factor!

It should also be noted that this determination is per ARMS project! Therefore, PIs are urged to make sure they check the ICS for all the projects they set up in ARMS to benefit from the reduced hourly rate. This can be done after the fact by contacting OSP to have ICS checked. MINT will receive a list of these grants from OSP regularly and will base its billing upon this list.

Please note: The fee for users  from industry and off-campus academia shall be determined based on the nature of the measurements.

Poster Printing

For MINT faculty using our office’s poster printer the rates for the two tiers (funded/non-funded) are $0 and $20, respectively. Please note that you MUST use the available MINT templates on your poster if you use this service.