Services Provided by MINT

Equipment training will be available to MINT faculty only. Non-MINT faculty seeking to use MINT equipment need to either form collaborations with MINT faculty if long-term access is needed, or have their samples measured by the MINT facility manager (for an additional operator fee) if it is a one-time or few times a year need.

Instrument Fees

Each instrument comes with a per hour usage fee that will be charged to the user’s projects. The numbers in the brackets are the fees for measurements for those who are not UA faculties, but from academic institutions and industries.

Equipment Hourly Rate + Hourly Operator rate
Philips XRD $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
Rigaku XRD $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
AGM $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
AFM $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
VSM $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
PPMS Dynacool $10 ($15) $5 ($8)
Vacuum Annealer $4 ($6) $5 ($8)
Nano-MOKE $4 ($6) $10 ($15)
Kratos Axis Ultra DLD XPS $7 ($10) $30 (45)


Poster Printing

For MINT faculty using our office’s poster printer the rates for the two tiers (funded/non-funded) are $0 and $20, respectively. Please note that you MUST use the available MINT templates on your poster if you use this service.