Mankey, Gary

  • June 2nd, 2010
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Dr. Gary Mankey is a Professor of Physics at the University of Alabama. He received his doctoral degree from the Pennsylvania State University in 1992 and performed postdoctoral research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Max Planck Institute for Plasmaphysics, and Louisiana State University. Dr. Mankey joined the faculty in 1996. Dr. Mankey’s group studies electronic, magnetic and structural properties of nanostructured ferromagnetic materials. Projects include development of exchange inversion materials, fundamental studies of high-moment materials, fabrication of half-metallic materials, and study of interfaces and coupling in layered magnetic systems. Materials characterization techniques include electron, x-ray and neutron diffraction; electron and scanned probe microscopy including SEM, STM, AFM and MFM; magnetic methods with AGM, VSM and MOKE; optical methods with spectroscopic ellipsometry; and electron spectroscopy including UPS, IPS, and XPS with laboratory and synchrotron radiation sources. The successful implementation of these experiments has yielded large and complex data sets and understanding of the data requires detailed analysis and modeling of physical phenomena including photoemission from solids, magnetic hysteresis behavior, magnetic force microscopy, and desorption of gases from surfaces. Collaborations with scientists at the Center for Materials for Information Technology as well as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the Louisiana State University, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Wisconsin Madison greatly strengthen the research program.