•One magnetic element Mn:

                  Magnetic moment strongly depends on atomic distance

•High magnetic anisotropy  for MnAl, MnBi and MnGa:

                   Higher than 1 x 107 erg/cc at 300K

•MnBi:      High Hc  ( > 10 kOe) at even 150 oC

•MnAl:     Relatively high Ms (720 emu/cc)  < 1280 (NdFeB)

                    Relatively high Tc (380 oC) > 310 (NdFeB)

•MnGa:    Ferri – Ferro Mag. with Mn contents

                  suitable for study of  ferro/anti-ferro coupling

•Structural compatibility:

                  (P4/mmm, L10 ) (MnAl, MnGa) and

                  P63/mmc, B81) (MnBi)

•Cost-effective and sustainable manufacturing process for PM