The MINT Center was established in the late 1980’s as the State of Alabama was working to recruit flexible magnetic media manufacturing plants. MINT continues to work with its industrial partners on research in flexible media, but it has also broadened its research portfolio to include cutting edge research in spintronics, in new concepts for magnetic media, in magnetic random access memory and in other advanced information storage concepts. It is exciting to work in the area of information storage technology. We believe that no other technology has a history of moving fundamental discoveries into products as rapidly as ours.

Our industrial sponsors play a vital role in the MINT Center by providing direct funding, equipment grants, seminars, and participation in workshops. In 2007, sponsors include Fujitsu, Hitachi Maxell, IBM, Seagate and Western Digital. Several MINT faculty members also actively participate in research projects sponsored by the National Storage Industry Consortium.

A special characteristic of the Center is the willingness of its faculty members to understand the concerns of the industrial community and to develop impedance-matched communication links. Communication with our industrial sponsors is facilitated by semi-annual reviews of MINT research. In the fall MINT invites industrial sponsors and interested academics from around the world to attend a one day review of MINT Research at the MINT Center at UA. This is followed by workshop on a topic of current interest to the information storage community. In the spring MINT sends teams to its sponsors’ sites to present its latest research. The objective of both the Spring and Fall Reviews is as much for MINT faculty and leadership to learn as to teach. MINT prides itself on knowing what materials problems are important to its sponsors and in rapidly developing fundamental research plans that help to solve them.

Looking to join?

If you are an organization that is interested in joining MINT in its continued research, please view the Sponsorships page for more information.