Current Sponsors

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How to Become a Sponsor

The University, through the Center for Materials for Information Technology (MINT), has established a Center of Excellence for multidisciplinary research on materials and devices potentially useful for information storage.  COMPANY will support MINT’s projects and participate in the planning thereof as a Sponsor of MINT.

1. Scope

MINT will perform projects concerning materials and devices potentially useful for information technology using MINT funds and MINT facilities for MINT related projects (the “Collaborative Research Activities’) according to the policy established and the guidance provided by the Executive Committee, consisting of a representative from academic affairs, the dean’s offices and the faculty of MINT of The University of Alabama and from each Sponsor and the MINT Director, which assists the Director in evaluating current activities and establishing research goals.

Due to the collaborative nature of these activities and the unique structure of MINT, it is not anticipated that COMPANY confidential information shall be provided to MINT or that the results of the research activities shall be restricted from publication in any way. However, in the event MINT agrees to accept company confidential information or to restrict the publication of research results, the parties involved in such transaction will enter into a Confidentiality Agreement on reasonable terms that narrowly identify the confidential information and are consistent with the MINT Charter.

2. Basic Membership Fee

COMPANY shall provide an annual Membership Fee of TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($25,000).  If COMPANY sends an employee to MINT as a non-degree researcher to jointly perform some of the said Collaborative Research Activities, COMPANY will pay the laboratory usage fee and the travel and living expenses of the employee during his or her stay at MINT, the terms and amounts of which will be the subject of a separate agreement between the parties.  Such agreement will also define the rights of the parties to any intellectual property that may arise from such joint research activities.

3.  Membership Benefits

(a)  MINT will hold a Review Meeting with Sponsors every Fall and report the results of the Research Activities during the past year.  Project proposals for the following year will also be presented at the Fall meeting.

(b)  University representatives of MINT will visit the Member’s facility once a year, contingent on available funding for University travel.

(c)  Members will receive information from the University regarding symposia, seminars, and other research meetings relevant to MINT activities and research.

(d)  Members may visit the MINT facility to discuss research issues with MINT faculty and to receive advice from MINT faculty.

(e)  Members will receive newsletters or annual reports of MINT activities.

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